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        • 公司概況Company profile
        朗藝簡介Langyi introduction 經營宗旨Business purpose 經營理念Business philosophy 設計理念Design concept
        質量管理Quality management
        價格管理Price management 服務管理Service management
        朗藝首頁 公司概況 質量管理


          Quality problem has been the most concerned issue of decoration owners, but also the common problems in the decoration engineering. Construction personnel are divided into basic, hydropower, mason, carpentry, paint and other professional workers by Longyi, according to the construction needs to product a professional line work; in construction management, summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the supervision system adopted by general company, implement double quality assurance system of the design personnel and project manager on-site supervision and management.

          Engineering Technology Department acceptance system is another important system, the system has a detailed and specific provision of the hidden projects, the hydropower projects, the waterproofing projects, the project completion and the other acceptances, such as the acceptance time, the scene officers when acceptance, and force of acceptance results, the archive of acceptance record report etc.. According to the acceptance rules, the design technical personnel and quality inspection personnel at the scene found any quality problem must immediately point out on the spot, and rectification in limit time. In the mind of Langyi quality inspection personnel, quality problem is regardless of size of the quality problem, but to see right or wrong. Only grasping every detail can make excellent project, also can every customer truly satisfied with the rest assured in Langyi!

          The regular professional training of various professional foreman and workers is one of the success elements of Langyi in the projects quality. The training of Langyi is divided into special training and unified training. The special training is a training for a professional job, and in inspection work, quality inspection personnel will separate the problems often appearing and prone to appearing in a job into a category, for a special training to all foreman of the job, in order to achieve a fundamental step by step to solve the types of problems. Unified training involves many contents, such as various types of cooperate problem between the jobs and so on. The project need more types of cooperates in order to achieve the perfect results.





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